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Replace your oil, moisturiser, cream and serum with this multitasking & glow-boosting luxurious facial oil. Soapisticated Facial Elixir has been uniquely formulated to suit the most demanding and sensitive skin types with 100% natural, premium, organic, gentle and high performance ingredients. Use it in your morning and evening ritual for smooth, plump and radiant skin.

It contains world's most potent botanicals:

- Premium Kahai Oil

- Jojoba Esters

- Organic Borage Oil

- Moringa Oil

- Blueberry Seed Oil

- Vitamin E

- Fragrance-Free Signature Cucumber & Melon Aromatic Extract





Natural Health Beauty Awards 2020 for Best Facial Serum FINALIST 

FREE FROM SKINCARE AWARDS 2020 for Best Facial Serum/Facial Oil FINALIST

As seen in the press

"Soapisticated’s Facial Elixir is the only facial oil you need. Its light, clean, toxin-free, and unique formula will nourish your skin with moisture. This Facial Elixir is suitable for even the most problematic and sensitive skin types, leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking glowing and radiant."


"Give yourself an instant hit of hydration and protection with Soapisticated’s Facial Elixir. This glow-boosting, luxurious,

light facial oil fights urban pollution and protects skin

from damaging blue light leaving it smooth,

plump and radiant with just a few drops."

"This product is a true multi tasker andcan replace your moisturiser, creamand serum with just one product. It isnon toxic and 100% natural, meaningyou know exactly what you are puttingon your skin. The facial elixir acts tofight urban pollution, protects skinfrom damaging blue light, instantlyreducing the appearance of fine lines,leaving your skin feeling soft, balanced,revitalised, plump and radiant with justa few drops."

"We adore this facial elixir which is green and clean! Not only is is 100% natural, but it also is cruelty free and vegan. Its clean and toxin-free formula contains the most potent 'nature's retinol', fights urban pollution, protects skin from damaging blue light and instantly reducing the appearance of fine lines. Your skin is left feeling soft, balanced, revitalised, plump and radiant with just a few drops."


Life changing!
Smells lovely, keeps my skin moisturised all day, it literally makes my skin glow! I do not need to use highlighter anymore, just few drops of elixir, a little bit of foundation and I’m ready to go! :)
I love the fact that it’s vegan, made of natural ingredients and it’s cruelty free!
An absolute innovation, I’ve never used anything like that before!
100% recommended!!!

I have suffered with combination skin for so long and have bought a number of products full of chemicals that just made me break out even more, after trying this oil for just a few days my skin felt moisturised without feeling oily and my skin started to clear up and even my uneven skin tone was looking much better. I love this product as it’s all natural, you just cannot find this anywhere else! It’s full of goodness in one bottle! Thank you so much for changing my skin forever.

There are oils and there are oils...

Facial Elixir made my skin extra glowy, hydrated, much more nourished and plumper. It has beautiful ingredients and smells heavenly. I use it as a bedtime oil or under my make-up to make it look fresh and dewy.

I am normally very wary of any claims about a miracle product but in this case it really appears to be true - what an AMAZING serum! It made my dry skin look and feel hydrated, plump and so smooth. You only need a few drops. Best serum to make my skin feel luxuriously nourished.

Wow, this is the best facial oil I have ever tried and I tried a lot of them... My skin is smooth and glowing. It worked wonders as a primer applied before my foundation.

Recently tried this facial oil and I was pleasantly surprised by the effects. It wasn't oily or greasy and was easily absorbed into my skin, leaving it feeling moisturised and pampered. I love the natural scent and my skin was left feeling very soft and refreshed for many hours after! I would recommend it as an essential part of any skin routine.

I noticed a difference after the very first use, the dryness and redness is gone! It absorbs so well and the smell is amazing. I love it!

I have a combination and sensitive skin type and always been very suspicious of facial oils but this facial elixir was a huge surprise! I've been using it all over my face and décolletage, morning, night and under make-up and it absorbs so well. Very pleasant and neural scent makes it suitable for my husband too who has very dry skin. It lasted us a few months. We love it!

Firstly, I was blown away by the unique smell - I found it so addictive! Then I tried it and honestly I never used any oil that absorbs into my skin so quickly and doesn't leave a greasy film