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Did you know that botanical oils can work miracles and rebalance your skin?

Posted by Sandra W. on
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1. Oils occur naturally on your face. If you don’t have enough, your body will produce more to fight the deficiency. As a result your skin will look more, not less oily. True story…

2. Most creams and cleansers are unfortunately rich in chemicals and perfumes and will moisturise your skin temporarily or at least give that illusion. But long term, certain ingredients will only dry your skin and strip your natural oils away which can cause all sorts of irritation.

3. Oils have a similar composition to the lipids naturally found in the skin. This helps efficiently repair and regulate the skin's moisture barrier that is responsible for oil production. Natural facial oils can replace your serums and moisturisers altogether and will keep skin deeply nourished and younger looking throughout the day.

4. When an oil is applied to the skin, it responds by absorbing oils as if they were naturally produced by the skin. Oiling up morning and night balances your skin out. This means your skin doesn’t need to produce any more oil of its own. Don’t doubt science!

Do you want healthy and glowy-looking skin? You can have it with Facial Elixir!

Soapisticated® uses only premium, cold-pressed oils that are fantastic moisturisers for dry and ageing skin types as well are normalisers for oily and combination skin. My entire skincare line was formulated to be adaptable to all skin types but especially those who are prone to imperfections. Soapisticated Facial Elixir doesn't contain water and its ingredients are not diluted so you get the highest concentration possible for best possible results. 


Have a green day, oil up and drink plenty of water! 


Sandra x

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